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a letter to Sheffield

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A Letter to Sheffield is a collaboration between Our Favourite Places and Dr Jonathan Ellis at the University of Sheffield. We asked people to write to us to let us know what makes Sheffield special to them, and we had a great response.

We were moved by stories from people who've lived in and loved Sheffield since as far back as the '30s. We smiled to see some of our favourite things in Sheffield get a mention. We received wonderfully illustrated letters from kids as young as seven, who put Sheffield into words more succinctly than we ever could. We heard from refugees and asylum seekers who found a sought-after sanctuary in our city. We read all about love, Made in Sheffield. We welled up at some, laughed at several, nodded in agreement with many.

An exhibition of the letters formed part of Festival of the Mind. They're published in this book alongside historical letters held in Sheffield Archives, from the likes of Mary Queen of Scots, Charles Peace (Sheffield’s famous 19th-century murderer), and those who left for the Western Front and the Spanish Civil War.

The Letter to Sheffield book was given away free during Festival of the Mind. We have a few left over, and the price of £1.50 is to cover postage costs.

We hope you enjoy reading these letters as much as we enjoyed receiving them.