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Sheffield: Science City

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New wave synthpop. Stainless steel pioneers. Wide green spaces. Relics of industry. Museums full of spark and life. Real ale. Fine cups of coffee.

All of these are pretty good reasons to fall a little bit in love with Sheffield. And, at the heart of them all, in one way or another, is science.

Amidst the city’s seven hills and between its five rivers, science has played a crucial part in making Sheffield what it is. Today, science is helping to forge the future of our city as well as enhance the quality of lives around the world.

Sheffield: Science City is a guide to some of the many applications of and monuments to scientific research in the city – from iconic murals of science heroes, to stargazing clubs; projects aimed at harnessing the sun’s energy, to bookshops stacked with psychology paperbacks.

This guide is a celebration of science in our city.

Sheffield: Science City is a joint production by Our Favourite Places and the University of Sheffield.